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First of all, great site I really like all the great info I've found here. I'm a new Blackberry user after having gone through the trials and tribulations of various cell phone, smartphone, pocket PC, palm combinations and I can't believe how great this Blackberry 7230 is. I love it!

Quick questions on battery usage/life. I didn't do the inital discharge/rechange, but I've only had the device for a week or so. Is it a good idea to do it now, or just forget it and forge ahead? The device was at 55% when I first got it and I've been charging it each night.

Second question, I see references all over the place to "topping it off". I usually plug it in at my bedside at night and unplug it in the morning. Is this a bad practice? Should I only charge it for 10-20 minutes in the morning and that's it? Will charging it overnight degrade the battery life?