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Originally Posted by JerryD
When you're in a reply, if you click the scroll wheel, you should have an option to Send.

Clicking the scroll wheel within an application will either select an item or bring up a menu of options available to you at that stage.

If you hit [Esc] (the button under the scroll wheel), three options should appear - Save, Discard, Cancel (don't know why there isn't an option to send from there - there should be!). [Esc] typically takes you back one level.

Saved messages can subsequently opened and sent.

Sent messages may not appear in your message list if you have Hide Sent Messages set to Yes under Messages --> Options --> General Options. Click the wheel when you're in Messages to display the Messages menu where you can get to Options.
I'm in the reply and scroll wheeel does not prompt a send option. I hit the escape and get save, discard, cancel.

Are my settings off?