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Default UPDATED: Open Source Blackberry Apps! Develop Your Own!

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All are GNU GPL Open Source!
Good starter source code to begin writing your own Blackberry applications

Question: Do I need to sign my Blackberry application?
Answer: No. Blackberry applications do not need to be signed unless you want special API's such as notification API's, vibrator alerts, etc. Anybody can write applications for the Blackberry as a compliant .jar file, and package it as a .jad Over-The-Air download (BlackberryOS 3.6 or later) or as a .cod file installable by Blackberry Desktop. For more information, refer to the RIM Developer website.

Question: Can I just write generic Java apps for BlackBerry
Answer: Yes, if you write within the confines of SUN Java J2ME/MIDP 1.0 for BlackberryOS 3.7 and earlier. For MIDP 2.0, you need a Blackberry running BlackberryOS 4.0 or later. If programming to MIDP specifications, you don't even need to look at RIM Developer website at all! Your application can be designed to work on almost all Java cellphones (not just Blackberry). Take a look at Sun's website for information about making Java J2ME/MIDP applications ("midlets").

Question: The source code was designed for a Nokia or Motorola cellphone, will it work?
Answer: Probably, if it was designed as a Java midlet (J2ME MIDP 1.0 or 2.0)

Question: Do I need MDS?
Answer: Yes, you need MDS or at least a model 6510/7510 Blackberry to run Internet-based applications on the BlackBerry. See my MDS Hosting FAQ for more information. However, if you are running BlackberryOS 4.0 with BWC 4.0, your carrier may already have MDS. (For example: Rogers already includes MDS for free if you are using BlackberryOS 4.0 or later)

Question: Can I do Over-The-Air software downloads?
Answer: Yes, you can download .jad files to your Blackberry with BlackberryOS 3.7 or later, assuming you already have BES/MDS or you are using a carrier that has enabled over-the-air downloads (i.e. Rogers, T-Mobile)

An open source GPS logger for BlackBerry. One use of this is it can be configured to log GPS plots every second, that you can later export from your BlackBerry and load into Google Earth to show the path you travelled while carrying your BlackBerry. Good for hiking, etc. Requires BlackBerry with either builtin GPS, or external GPS (bluetooth puck)

VNC midlet client for remote control of your PC (similiar to PCAnywhere / GoToMyPC). Tested; some mouse-click problems that needs to be fixed.

MidpSSH | SSH and Telnet client for Mobile devices (MIDP/J2ME)
Open source Telnet/SSH clients available now for J2ME. This one is the best open-source telnet client (Not to be confused with Idokorro, a good commercial client that many people say is better) ... Also see Sun's telnet midlet sample code.

MarkyBerry Utils
QuickNote and QuickCompose Source Code
This is QuickNote and QuickCompose, some free utilities I made for BlackBerry. For more information, see this thread.

BlackBerryTools BlackBerryTools
BBWeather, BBToday, BBLight, etc. Free "Today" PIM summary screen with weather and clock plugins. Also has free BBLight backlight-always-on utility with source code.
Frequently asked question: Where is the source code? Answer: Source code is already in their CVS... However, if you need the zipped copy of the 2005 source code (unchanged as of fall 2006), download At the moment, this code doesn't seem to be actively maintained; so you might wish to take over as a maintainer!

BlackChat BlackChat
BlackChat ICQ chatting software. Tested; Works!

jmIrc - Java mobile IRC-client (J2ME)
IRC midlet. Reported as of Nov 2004 to be the best IRC midlet for BlackBerries at this time!

The Virca IRC MIDlet!
Another IRC midlet.

WLIrc wireless IRC Client for mobile phones (j2ME)
Yet another IRC midlet, but uses WAP. Not very reliable as of last testing.
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