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Default Verizon 7130 echo

The echo issue described here is the same we have on a large number of 7130 devices we have. We also started having problems with not being able to adjust the volume (thumbwheeel) during a call. The only work-around is you can reset the device by talking out the battery.

Everything seems to work for a day or two max after a reset. Verizon is telling us the same B.S. It's not their network, it must be the phone. We have swapped out no less than 6 devices this week. Several of these have been swapped out more than once in the past week or two. The problem continues to exist. Some right out of the box. Interesting part is that the problem started to surface about two months ago (like several others reported here too). Our environment has a mixture of Verizon (70%), Cingular 20% and T-Mobile (10%). Only the Verizon 7130 phones seem have a consistant echo issue.

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