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I think products with lithium battery technology have to be designed properly. We've all seen the reports of them catching fire when things go wrong!

Even left on charge, they don't get warm in a BB. So no problem in leaving it to charge whenever you get the opportunity - which should give you better overall life from the battery than deliberately letting it discharge more before charging again.

IMO the ONLY thing to avoid is habitually reconnecting the charger without ANY discharge in between. Then you risk, perhaps, damaging the battery a little whilst the charging circuitry 'works out' what to do. Even this is theorhetical and may not in practice be an issue.

For a device like a BB, which is in contant use, just

1. Charge it/top it up when you have the opportunity, and leave it on charge whilst it's convenient to you.

2. Deliberately discharge the battery completely only if you notice it seems to be losing capacity. Full discharges are actually NOT good for lithium cells in the overall scheme of things, but the discharge can have the effect of recalibrating the battery meter, so it more accurately reflects the true state of charge of the battery.

3. Lithium batteries really don't need to be "looked after" in the same way as older battery technologies. Just relax and use your device. Worse case you may wind up replacing the battery a *little* earlier than otherwise, but this will be in exchange for hassle free use of your device - a good compromise.

4. DON'T go buying a spare 'just in case' or for 'stock'. Lithium cells have a shelf life, even if they're not used. Best to get a newly manufactured one when you actually *need* it...

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