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Originally Posted by jwaters
I have a Nextel 7520 with unlimited data. I'm giving a speech at a conference in Toronto and have a couple of questions.

1. Will my phone automatically roam on the network there (I believe it would be MIKE) or do I need to do something?

2. I've heard that I will continue to receive email, however there will be a HUGE data charge ... true or false?

3. Along with the phone, will the DC work or will there be a big charge for that too?
Last time I was up in Canada, the roam worked automatically. You should see the Nextel on the screen change.

Not sure on the data arrangement Nextel has with Telus-Mike for email/web, but I believe that Telus-Mike and Nextel have an agreement on the phone/DC. So it should work exactly as it does when you travel to another city in the US.

I would check and verify to be sure.
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