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Originally Posted by ashworth
But if the user was running desktop redirector then they will still have the hidden folder information in the users mailbox... That is when you need to use DBclean more then when users have been on a BES.
Per RIM, dbclean.exe was obsolete with the introduction of BES 4.0. Take that for what it's worth. I still find use for it with some issues (2-3 maximum), but for the most part I have not used it since we upgraded a LONG time ago. In the 3.6 days, it was used quite a bit.

@ Juanmitax, I agree with geek101, check and re-check the permissions according to the required permissions settings in the BES installation guide. I cannot even think about counting the number of times that I've heard 'the permissions are correct' only to find out they aren't.

Are you able to move this user's mailbox to another Exchange store? I had the exact error message a few days when we moved a user's mailbox to our BlackBerry-enabled store (just a single information store with the majority of our BlackBerry users; one of a few that allow the service account its permissions). The move was not completed when the ticket was assigned to me to add the user, and thus the error message. I waited a half hour and was able to add the user.

Another thing you may want to do is an LDIF export (Google LDIFDE if you are unfamiliar with it). You can open this in Notepad (if you have a LOT of users, this could be QUITE memory intensive, and thus Wordpad would be suggested). Once open, you can compare account attributes between that user and another user that is working correctly - especially look for any sort of 'encrypted' (jumbled) text when it should be plain text ...this shows corruption that may not affect normal day-to-day usage but could have an impact on BES interaction with the account. The easiest export command would be:

ldifde -f users.txt -s <domain controller> -r "(objectClass=User)"
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