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Originally Posted by cicero
It would appear as though I got some bad information here. I went ahead and removed the $20 BB data plan from my account (T-Mobile) thinking that plugging in "" as my APN would still allow me net access (email as well etc). Well, upon doing so I get the dreaded "data connection refused" message at the top of my screen. All email accounts have now disappeared. Not a major deal since I didn't have anything sitting in my inbox I really needed. It's all still on the server anyway. So onto my questions:

What did I do wrong here? A few of you stated that you removed this option and are still able to access the net and email. Perhaps I misunderstood what everyone is saying here. I can add this option again, the extra $20 won't kill me.

Secondly, should I add the BB data plan option back and switch SMS to use GPRS instead of GSM...can I do away with the unlimited text, pix messaging option on my account? I'm hesistant to do so since I use sms quite a bit. Ultimately I want to have my yahoo mail sent to my handheld, and net access. Will the $5.99 T-Mo internet plan suffice? I don't need to sync with an exchange server...if that matters any. Go easy, I'm still new to all this stuff. Thanks for any and all help.


What is that $20 option called anyway? Is that BIS or BES? On the T-mo site it's just called "BlackBerry Unlimited Add-on". After a bunch of reading, I still don't get what either is or the differences between the two.

Thanks again.
Figured it out. In case anyone cares, the $20 option is not BES, the $29.99 option is. BES (to my understanding) is overkill for the average person. The above thread shows you how to use certain apps that would normally require BES, without subscribing to it. I misunderstood, and thought this thread would show me how to get internet access, email and such without subscribing the the $20 T-Mo BB plan. Needless to say, that didn't work. All is better now.

Yes, I do feel quite stupid.
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