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Originally Posted by pgrokkos
Longtime Blackberry user who was seduced by the appeal of a windows mobile phone. After about a year with a Samsung i730 and the Motorola Q, I have given up. Had to use Goodlink for both which may have been partially responsible for battery life being horrible. With the Q, its actually so bad that you can't get through the day with moderate usage. Can you believe they made a phone that can't even make it though a day on a full night's charge?

Anyway, I've decided battery life and phone quality are key for me. In addition, I need good internet access. I can live with the non-full keyboard that the 7100 series entails I believe (at least I hope). I've got it down to the C with Cingular or the E on Verizon. I live in central Jersery and work in the NYC area.

It seems that the tradeoffs are:

-Cingular will give me better battery life
-Verizon will give me faster internet and email access when on EVDO vs. Edge
-Phone quality should be good on both although some say Verizon's network is better

Are those accurate? Put aside cost for the moment, any big ticket items I'm missing?

Some questions:

Exactly how much better is the battery life?

How bad is internet access with Cingular? For example, can you go to mobile ESPN? Would you even consider going to a regular web site like yahoo? Is internet browsing on the Verizon better? Is internet browsing on the Blackberry even comparable to doing it on a windows mobile device on EVDO?

Thanks for any help.
I can give you my 2 cents worth.

I'm not sure that either BB has a browser that is the best for browsing streaming video. I have never tried it so I'll leave others to comment on that aspect - but some of the feedback I've read suggests that this is not a strong point for the BB. In confirmation - both Cingular and Verizon offer video streaming "channels" to phones and have pretty much limited it to phones specifically designed for that purpose.

In terms of difference between EDGE and EVDO - I have a Cingular unit and have seen EVDO - EVDO is much faster - Verizon will try to convince you that it is almost broadband fast. Not sure that is accurate but it is noticably faster. That said - EDGE is really pretty darn fast and for viewing web pages, its very acceptable. Ultimately, the question boils down to what sites you visit regularly. Both Verizon and Cingular should have "live" units to test - go to each store and browse with them - that will be your best answer.

Battery life on both units are very good - and I find that since the connection is mini-usb - its very easy to recharge or even "top-off" my BB during the day - from my computer. Unless you are completely away from an outlet all day - and a very heavy user - battery life should be acceptable with either. Certainly from what I've read, either will blow away the Q. Slim is nice but it doesn't allow for much of an all day battery.

If you truly have the choice between the 2 carriers - I would focus more on calling plans, features and coverage. Since both phones are BB - with similar release dates - the features are very similar. Not like you are comparing a 7290 on one carrier w/ the 8700 on another. These are same generation handhelds - it's a wash.

Coverage, costs and features will get you in the long run. Cingular recently introduced an unlimited Personal BB plan for $29.95 - which I think is the cheapest plan out there. Rollover minutes are a joke. In my situation, where I have nearly 5000 rollover minutes - I'll never use them on my current plan since I am buying too many minutes now - but to change to a different, lower minute plan and you lose the rollover min. So it's a non-feature. I'm sure Verizon has their share of the same thing.

Verizon is talking about pro-rating the Early Term fee - a nice feature for us gadgetheads who might want to jump to then next new killer phone - but thats kind of a one time benefit....

Hope this helps - Ultimately, my advice - the phones are very similar - and you would be better off picking the best carrier, lowest cost plan, best features that fit your needs than trying to choose between two twin phones that really have subtle differences.