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Default experience with q and bb

I have a 7130e on Verizon and my wife uses the Q. I tried to swing her into a BB, but she wanted the newest, latest and greatest and dare I say BB Killer?

After being exposed to her phone for 5 weeks now, I can assure you that in the current form, it is certainly not a BB killer. Not only does her battery last a whopping 3-4 hours on a full charge (5 weeks out of the box) but after it pulls email off of the gmail server, the sync wont terminate and chews the battery down mercilessly! It has to be turned on flight mode, and then toggled back to kill the syncing. And after all that, if you wanna check email again....thats right, it is take out the battery and reboot time. Absolute piece of crap that Q is and verizon is clueless in terms of support.

Now to the original question: I agree with the last poster that the 7100e vs. 7100c are subtle and you should pick based on needs and carrier, but I want to throw this out there too.

According to Mark R. (on this site who is a hearing impaired user like myself), the cingular gsm technology allows for im programs and web browsing for close to 7 days on a single charge. Since you are a hearing person that may not be an issue, but man...7 days is a long time and if you are only a light user (judging by all those rollover min, you are) You could see great battery life.

Also the other cingular advantage is your gsm phone will be more likely to work if you travel outside USA, due to GSM being the dominant overseas technology.

The last cingular advantage is the cost, 29.95 is cheaper that verizon, but does that allow tethering? I dont know, because I am with verizon, but is food for thought.

Verizon advantages: Faster "broadband" EVDO technology (except in Podunk ohio where I live on the outskirts of Toledo)

Bigger area of coverage, especially if you stray off the beaten path.

Depending on where you work, verizon has a generous employee discount program, we save 15% each month due to my wife's employer (FEMA).

Good luck and keep us posted!