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Default Tethered Modem (GPRS/EDGE) - Desktop Manager does not need to be running

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Another one of those 'this might already be known, but I'm going to share anyhow' tips for the day. Let me preface this by saying that I rarely, if ever, use the tethered modem on my BlackBerry handhelds (from the GPRS 7100t to the EDGE 8700g).

RIM's documentation, and I believe the documentation here, state that the BlackBerry Desktop Manager MUST be running at all times in order to interface with and use the IP modem in the GPRS/EDGE-enabled handheld (7100, 7130g/7130c, 8700). By accident (once again), I found out last night that this was not the case - only the BlackBerry Device Manager had to be running.

After you install the BlackBerry Desktop Software (Typical installation; or Custom installation: BlackBerry Device Manager + BlackBerry Desktop Manager) and connect your handheld for the first time (handheld device installation process), you will need to open BlackBerry Desktop Manager (Start > Programs > BlackBerry) and go through the Connection Settings process to Detect the handheld. Once this has happened, you can now close Desktop Manager. The BlackBerry Device Manager will still be open (notice the little handheld/computer icon in your system tray, next to your time) - wait for this to close. From now on, you can now open JUST BlackBerry Device Manager (Start > Programs > BlackBerry) instead of the full BlackBerry Desktop Manager application. You will still need to complete the rest of the modem configuration and DUN configuration steps found in Mark's HOWTO, though - click here.

What is a good reason for not wanting to do the suggested extra step and open Desktop Manager?

If you're like me, you are one of those "less clutter / less intrusion = better experience" type of people. For the simple fact of only having an icon in your system tray versus the icon plus an application window on your taskbar, this is a better method of going about the process. In terms of system resources, Desktop Manager uses up ~13-15MB of memory - this shouldn't be a lot, but every bit counts.

Note: I'm in the process of seeing if you can install only the BlackBerry Device Manager and getting the rest to work. As it is currently, you MUST install the Desktop Manager software AND go through the detection process ONCE. I'm not in the position right now where I can figure out what changes on the system from pre-detection to post-detection that enables use of the modem, but when I get home this weekened, I'll hopefully have some time to look at it.

P.S. - If this has been covered before, I apologize.

P.P.S. - I noted this as only GPRS/EDGE, as it appears that, according to RIM, the Desktop Manager or Device Manager do not need to be running for the CDMA/EV-DO handhelds. Since I do not have one, I'm not sure on this.
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