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Default Cannot Connect to BES Server for Domino ???

OK - I received my E61 yesterday and what a nice device it seems to be. Especially like the screen. But do wish the numeric phone pad followed the same convention as a std phone, but thats a small gripe.

My problem is I cannot connect it to the Blackberry Enterprise Server, here's where I'm at:

The phone had an InstallBB.sis on it. So I installed it and this was fine. Have also set the BB service to "ON" and configured the "auto-connect" options.

I then logged on to our BES server and added my user accout from the Domino Directory, I added me to the BB Users Group and added our "BB User Software Config"
I then set up the options to sync PIM data via my mail file from the Home Domino server.
Finally I set an Activation Password.

In the BB Manger console you can see the account is initializing.

Now - if I was using an 8700g I would simply go to the option for "Enterprise Activation" on the device click activate. Enter the password, my mail address and the word "Blackberry" and away we go

But there is no such Enterprise Activation on the Nokia as far as I can see.

So I tried to use the software "Blackberry Connect Desktop for Nokia" (comes on the CD with the device).

This starts up and prompts me for the Notes password for my location etc and allows me to specify the server name. When I click OK it thinks for a bit and then comes back with "The Blackberry Server is either unavailable or has been specified incorrectly. Your Notes account may also not be configured on the Blackberry Server"


The BES Profile and State DB do not get created on Domino until the phone has been activated to the BES Server.

Can anyone help Me Pretty Please......

I should add that so far I have only connected the phone to the PC Via Bluetooth, should I be using the USB cable.