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Originally Posted by soesraider
Yes, they tried to give me that same reason - that I had stepped out of coverage range.

But that doesn't explain why it shouldn't re-connect once I get back into network range - something for which the Rogers tech had no explanation. It also doesn't explain the 2 times it's happened since where it was working fine, sitting at my desk, and then stopped working and didnt' reconnect, all while *still* sitting at my desk. then I restarted the device, and it connected fine. Never stood up once, but somehow I managed to step out of the network range. The tech tried to say that somehow, service must have dropped while I sat there. But he still had no explanation for why it shouldn't have just quietly and automatically reconnected itself to EDGE.

8700r / BIS

There are "lots and lots" of threads on this. It is a known 8700 issue. Do a search on "8700 network issue" and you will see what I mean.