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Thank you for the replies and I have more to add to the problem.
When the user was removed (several times) we did remove all BB properties.
He has no filters applied.
Restarting services has not helped.
According to Exchange Admin we are on Exchange 2000 SP3
BES is at
I have looked at the files via event viewer when the problem arises.
I see many warnings, errors, and information notices in the event viewer but I do not know what some of the mean and where to start.
Below is one from the event view application log when the user was having a problem.
RequestHandler::PollForMissingApps: GetHHCodePackages failed with the error: (null).

One more thing to add to the confusion is now I had another call from a different user with the same problem I posted originally. She always has this problem in the Chicago area. Both she and the one user I am having problems with were in the Chicago area today. The original user now tells me that he thinks it happens in the Chicago area also, but he added one big curve ball to the Chicago coverage theory. A third user was in the Chicago area with them (standing right next to them) and was sending and receiving e-mails when neither of them could.
Below is the reply from my sales person.

Yes we are both in Chicago. Funny thing is we were both with xxxxx at the same place at the same time and he was getting and sending emails while xxxxx and I were not able to.

Riddle me that joker