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Originally Posted by erbse

"Exceptions are for calls/ringtones, not messages"...I do agree in the meantime because my 8700v ignores all settings I make here, as far as message alerts are concerned. - However, the dialogs to me definitely look as if it should be possible. Profile Exception for special sender, the Exception configured to a special Profile, that Profile configured for a certain behaviour when a message arrives. - Why does it not work Did anybody get it to work in the meantime?

However, I am okay now with setting this sender up for Level 1 messages, as you suggested - and configure them to be silent works fine. - The fact that I managed to find out where to configure this filter is only due to another post in this forum. It is well hidden.

It works exactly as you say on my 8700g. I have different email, SMS and PIN rings on a per-contact bases, not just phone rings. What you do, as you suggest, is create a new profile that has all the notifications as you want them for that contact. Then create a new exception for that contact, and set that exception to use the new profile instead of the active profile, and uncheck custom phone tune (since you can just set it in the profile). Now any message that comes in from that contact should conform to their individual profile. If you ever want to temporarily disable that behavior (for a meeting or movie or something) you just uncheck the important calls checkbox in the main profile window.

At least, that is how it all functions on the 8700g.