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Originally Posted by Child of Wonder
I have never used a Blackberry and my boss is considering purchasing one so he can access our email from anywhere. We currently run a POP3/SMTP Linux server for email.

I've been doing research regarding Blackberries accessing POP3 email and seem to hear conflicting answers.

Some places say you have to have the mail forwarded to your Blackberry account, others you have to get a special program.....

I suspect this information is incorrect. How easy is to simply have the Blackberry grab emails from our server and send them out via SMTP AUTH?
Ok, here is the deal. Ignoring third-party mail clients, and just talking about the official BlackBerry software, there are four ways you can get email.

1: You buy their Enterprise server this integrates with an Exchange or Domino server to instantly push anything on your mail server to the handheld. This will not work for you, because you have to have a either an Exchange or Domino server.

2: There is a piece of software that runs on the desktop called redirector, that takes any email coming into Outlook, and sends it immediately to the handheld. The problem with this is that a computer must be running at all times with outlook open, and the redirector software open. if that computer is not on, you don't get any mail on the handheld.

3: The cellular provider will provide you with an email address. You can change the "reply to" of that address, so it more or less looks like your normal address unless someone looks really closely at the headers. That email address will go immediately to your handheld.

4: The cellular provider will also give you a service where you can configure additional mail accounts. these accounts will be polled every 15 minutes or so, and then the email will be sent to the handheld. These addresses will look and act exactly like any normal email address from any normal client. When you send a message, you can choose which one of these addresses you want to use, and you can set any of these addresses as your default address. If you reply to email coming from one of these addresses, the device will also automatically make sure you reply from the proper address as well.

I hope that answers your question.