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Default Cingular vs. Sprint? Looking for Advice on switching

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First off I apologize if 1) There is a thread on this already... though I do feel my dilemma is unique enough to start my own thread and 2) If this is in the wrong forum...

My current setup: I have a Sprint Plan with 5 lines on it, 1 is a blackberry 7250 that I use as my mobile phone, personal email, and work email. Three of the 5 lines are still under contract, including the blackberry. I can get rid of one of the lines not under contract so for arguments sake lets say I have 4 lines, 3 under contract. The three areas where these phones are used mainly are NYC (BB), Orlando, and Baltimore.

My possible setup: I think I want to move to Cingular.. I have had sprint for over 7 years and while I have bene happy with it, I have always wanted the newest phones and a GSM provider. Though I hear Cingular has the least dropped calls and largest coverage area, that isin't hugely important to me since my Sprint service has been very good in the areas I use it. I would like to get the 8700 (unless someone has a really strong case for a 7100 series over an 8700) and though I do know it will come out for Sprint at some point.. I want to think ahead since the newest blackberries should come out in GSM first in the future.

If I wanted to switch over to Cingular I would have to do the following:

1. Pay 150 to surrender the contract on the blackberry line with Sprint
2. Close out one of the other lines on Sprint
3. Pay X amount for an 8700 and a RAZR or equivalent through cingular.
4. Downgrade my Sprint Plan to run the 3 lines and get a new Cingular family plan for the 2 lines I move over.
5. The remaining 2 lines under contract with sprint are up in Nov 06 and April 07, and I could move them over to Cingular when the contract expires and be fully Cingular with 4 lines by April 07 (or Nov 06 if I want to pay 150 for the April contract and move everything over in Nov)

If I ran 2 lines on sprint and 2 on cingular until the other sprint contracts were up, my monthly bill would remain pretty much the same as it is now with 4 lines on sprint. I would get hit with a cost of around $330 for a cingular 8700 and RAZR (unless someone knows of a better deal through cingular itself as I have heard horror stories about wirefly and amazon). Now other than the 150 surrender fee, I figure the cost of the sprint 8700 will be around 300 for me anyway, so maybe this switch to cingular would work?

What do you guys think? Do I make no sense? Good idea? Stupid idea? Any advice would be great.