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Originally Posted by anesone
My understanding is that all you would need is your reglular Yahoo accounts, no Plus account needed. shows that it will push email from your Yahoo account to the handheld. (One-way synchronization between your BlackBerry device and your web based Yahoo! Mail account. When you make changes on your BlackBerry device, it's reflected in your web account. (And two-way sync is coming soon.))

When you compose an email, you can set which account it is being sent from by toggling the Send Using field at the very top of your message. Also, when replying to an uses the address the original email was sent to.

I guess I'm just not understanding why you would want to set it up the way cdysthe proposes.
Let me clarify:

Please note that I am talking about _external_ accounts, not another Yahoo! address (although you need the other Yahoo address also in my setup).

I know you can send from the other Yahoo! address you set up in the free account, but you can not send from external accounts. So if you either collect, or have "" forwarded to Yahoo Mail, you can not answer with that address from Yahoo, only with one of your "" addresses.

I signed up for a free account to check. I set the Yahoo! account up to pop from an external account. I can not send mail from Yahoo using the external account's email address. It even warns me in the setup:

"Send Mail from this account in Yahoo! Mail. Upgrade to Yahoo! Mail Plus".

So I do not know what kind of free Yahoo! account you guys have!

On why to set it up like I propose:

It's because I want to be able to reply with the right from address from my BlackBerry device to the two _external_ (not Yahoo!) accounts. Mail push is just an "added bonus" in this context.

My setup "tricks" BIS to see one Yahoo! Mail Plus account as two separate accounts where you can set from address and filters for both (since you can use both email addresses for the account as login). I initially thought I would need two Yahoo! account to get what I want, but I found a way with filters to only use one Yahoo! Mail (Plus) account. The whole thing is in the end designed to overcome a limitation in the Blackberry e-mail client where you can not have the client set the from address based on the to address unless the mail comes in to two separate BIS mailboxes.

To conclude: If you do not need to deal with two external accounts separately on your Blackberry device you do not need this. But if you are this is the only way I have found to be able to have it work transparently (I do not have to do anything but hit reply and the correct from address is used based on the address is was sent to). There are manual solutions to this like BBReply, but they require that you actually check, and if need be, change the from address manually. I can not be bothered with that, since I would make mistakes and reply to work mail with my private address all the time!