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Yes, you can do Verichat from BlackBerry to BlackBerry if you wish. It can be an excellent way to conduct a conversation. Not a dumb question, but an excellent question that other people no doubt want to know more about. There are advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages Of Using Verichat Instead Of SMS
  • Some BlackBerry plans have unlimited data (good for Verichat) but not unlimited SMS
  • True 2-way chat, you can type while they are messaging you.
  • Chat faster, quicker messaging, messages arrive in just 1-2 seconds.
  • Multitask multiple conversations
  • Group conversations will be possible in an upcoming version of Verichat
  • The other end doesn't necessarily require Verichat; it can just be anything that can access the same IM networks that Verichat can. (i.e. AIM, etc)
  • Just hit Enter to send message, and you're immediately ready to type the next message
  • You can easily chat to someone sitting at a computer too, if you decide to do this later.
  • Cheaper than a long distance call
Disadvantages of Using Verichat Instead Of SMS
  • Annual subscription of ~$35 per year, but this may be cheaper than an "Unlimited" SMS add-on
  • Not good if you do not have an unlimited data plan
  • Overkill, if you only do infrequent SMS
  • Other people need to run Verichat or other instant messaging software too (However, there's a workaround! The other end can setup to send SMS over AIM, if they wish, so they can send an SMS message to your Verichat that way!)
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