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Default desktop software + charge?

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Pardon me, but I am stumped and I'm not 100% sure on which forum this goes in. I've been trying to get this to work for awhile now, and to no avail.. anyways.. here's the deal...

I have a 7130e and first thing is, I thought that one could charge their BB using Desktop Manager (or just having the appropriate drivers installed on their PC). I called Verizon Tech and they told me that no, it was not possible. However, I thought I remembered doing it awhile back; and now it will not work. If it is NOT possible, the weird thing is I am actually able to charge it if I remove ALL drivers from my computer, pull the battery out, plug in the USB cord into the phone (red light quickly flashes when I do this), and install the battery. The phone sits, turned off, with a solid red light, and indeed does charge the phone -- albeit very slowly. And over my myriads of searching, everyone seemed to presume it was possible to charge using the USB Data Cable.

And then, presuming it is possible to do so using all the appropriate applications installed, the phone will not charge at all whenever i try using either Desktop Manager or Device Manager. The PC Software will detect the phone, it will say "connected," and I can install applications and see currently installed applications, but the phone will not charge at all.

As of now, it's charging without any drivers installed, and for about 1 hour, it'll increase the battery by 10%. Has anyone seen a faster way to do this? I just feel like I'm missing something, and it's frustrating. Plus, I'd hate to have to keep my phone off for this.

(BTW, after searching through here, yes, my USB ports are outputting 500mA, and with power management schemes off, I have also prevented the computer from putting the port to sleep)
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