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Originally Posted by TylerBoneZJoneZ
If I were you I would just go ahead and buy a brand new one, I have one got it about a month ago and absolutly love it! Also got 15% off the phone and 15% off service every month because I work at the Hospital. Maybe if you work for a major corp. or something like a hospital maybe thats the route to go, Originally the 7100i without any kind of discount or anything is $349.00 (thats without contract) but I resigned my 2 year contract with Nextel, and have the 15% off, and I got a brand new 7100i for $216.00 if thats not a good deal I don't know what is. Best advice go to a Authroized Nextel/Sprint store and ask them... I would go that route instead of ordering it offline new, or eBay, I just don't trust some things on there, for instance I was lookin at used 7100i's on there before I bought one brand new and it listed one on there as brand new almost mint condition and it had pictures of the phone, it didn't look bad but then I got to lookin and the darn thing didn't even have an attena on it! I would go to a Nextel/Sprint phone and see if they can hook you up, I got a great deal on mine!

i got mine for $125 and 25% of my bill with Fedex.

i love my 7100i.
Nextel 7100i