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Originally Posted by WANNABB
Does anyone else not see why this is not making sense?
It doesn't make sense to you because you're looking at the matter from a consumer's perspective. Wireless carriers aren't in business to do you a favor (I'm not arguing for them, just stating how it is). They subsidize phones for new customers to lure them in. Once you've signed a contract they honestly don't care much. If you want some leverage in upgrading, you need to be out of contract entirely and then you need to negotiate with the carrier's retention department. The standard customer service reps just don't have the same ability to negotiate.

$299's not a bad price if you're not a "new" customer. You should check out what full price on a Blackberry runs. Subsidized handset pricing has really skewed the average consumer's perception of what these things cost.

Originally Posted by secrecyguy
What I have heard, to get the Amazon deal, you can not port your number to it. That means you have to have a brand new phone number.
You can port with Cingular via Amazon but it will invalidate any rebates as Cingular closes the account established through Amazon and sets up another with the ported number(s). I ended up getting an 8700c for $150 instead of free this way ($150 rebate was invalidated).

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