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Default gmail quirk

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just noticed something about using a blackberry with gmail...

ordinarily, when you reply to a message, gmail's "conversation" view will show your reply underneath the first message (as well as all future replies to that message). although the text from the prior message is there in the reply, gmail will hide this text, so that only the actual text from the new message is showing.

i noticed that when someone responds to a message from a blackberry, these prior messages are no longer hidden. instead, gmail will show the text from the new reply as well as all the old emails that are quoted in the reply. this is pretty annoying because it disrupts the simple streamlined view in gmail.

not sure if that made sense so i'll try to give an example

First email:

Second email (from computer):

Third email (from blackberry):

How it looks in gmail:
B [message A hidden]
C [messages A and B showing]

Rather than hiding the first two messages that are at the bottom of the third reply, gmail is showing the entire message, even though the first two are already shown in the view.

anyone know how to fix this?
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