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Originally Posted by A3SC
Having worked for tmobile retention, I dont understand how this could have possibly been done. you CANNOT port into the same carrier. Are you sure that the rep didnt just keep your old acct open? I have come across several customers who thought they were working around the system and xceled the new acct, keep the new phone, and several months later wonder why amazon (or any other indirect or authorized store) charged their credit card $500+, ---and then try to act like it was my fault!!---
Believe what you want. Here are my facts:

1: Had an existing account with Tmobile for my Sidekick that was not under contract
2) Ordered new 8700G from Amazon and applied for rebates (Tmobile and Amazon). Total cost = free after rebates.
3) Called Tmobile and asked to cancel my account with the Sidekick and move my existing phone number on that account to the new account with the BB. Initially they told me it was not possible, then they told me my number went into a pool, then finally, a very nice CR did exactly what I asked them to do and moved the number over.
4) I now have only one account with Tmobile, I have my BB with my existing number (that used to be on the sidekick) AND I have RECEIVED all of my rebate checks from Tmobile and Amazon.