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Default Full email syncing help...

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I'm trying to figure out what I need to do what I would like. I would like to have my email synced both ways... i.e no matter what device I check or delete email on it gets deleted on the other device.

I am an individual so i don't have a corporate enterprise server. My email services are from my ISP and are IMAP based. Right now I have my blackberry on tmobile set up to get email from my imap servers. When I read an email on my BB and then log into my desktop app it shows that email as read. The inverse does not work. I would also like the BB to recognize the subfolders I've created.

BTW, i should mention that I'm 100% mac and I'm using mac mail as my mail client but that shouldn't really matter since I'm really after bi-directional syncing with my IMAP server (I think anyway). It shouldn't matter what front ends I'm using.

So, from what I gather BES will do all this and there are many BES hosting services out there. However, when I look at them they all say that I need a windows machine and outlook. Does that mean they don't work with IMAP and my mac? It seems like it shouldn't matter what desktop platform I'm using since that would just be my front end client to my mail server... as long as IMAP is supported in BES it should work on Windows or Mac.

As for my contacts and calendars, I'm fine syncing those with PocketMac since I use iCal and Address Book and I know those can't be synced wirelessly.

Another thing I'm not sure about, if I want to use a hoseted BES option, do I need to get the tmobile BB Enterprise Server Plan ($29.99 a month) or can I still just get the BB Internet email plan (19.99 month)