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You might consider doing things this way. Create a blackberry address, and set up a filtering rule in your IMAP account to automatically forward a copy of received mail to it. When the blackberry account receives the mail, it is pushed to your device a few seconds later, thus eliminating the need to "check email" at all. Then, set your blackberry to BCC your IMAP account on all sent mail, and add a filtering rule to the IMAP account to look at the address of incoming mail, and if it's from your BB, to file a copy in "Sent Items" or whatever your sent-cc folder is.

The only shortcoming with this method AFAIK is that messages marked read on your BB are not marked read on your IMAP, and vice-versa, but I don't find this much of an inconvenience since mass-marking them is pretty trivial when needed. This should work no matter what client you're using on your Mac to deal with your mail, though of course your IMAP server needs to have decent filtering software installed so you can add those rules. I'm using Fastmail, and it's working great so far.

Almost forgot, if you delete messages on your blackberry, you'll be prompted to choose whether to delete them from the handheld only or from both the handheld and the IMAP mailbox. Also, as noted above, you can't handle folders this way, but perhaps you can get by without that functionality?

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