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Default same echo problem

It is interesting that other have commented on this problem having started about 2 months ago. This seem like a Verizon problem. I dont think that everyone's phone has started doing this simultaneously due to a hardware problem.

I almost always get complaints about the person on the other end hearing an obnoxious echo that makes it hard for them to hold a conversation. I feel this is affecting my everyday business. A reboot fixes the problem for about a day, and occasionally my blue tooth will help the problem also. Verizon needs to figure this out. This is a business phone. They are affecting a very important part of their business. rebooting is not a solution as my phone rings constantly all day and a reboot can take nearly 20 minutes. I wonder what kind of solution is out there? Are they going to have to issue a new model or can they create a firmware? Either way that have to face the facts that something needs to be done. I agree that Verizon is very good about sending you a new phone, but the new phones seem to have the same old problems