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Default Best 7100 Theme And 7100 Theme Suggestions

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I know that everyone has their differing tastes when it comes to the theme on their Blackberry 7100. If anyone here is making a future theme, this thread (I hope) will have some constructive feedback on how to make the super-ultra-hyper-mega-uber theme that we will all like.

What I am doing is listing all the themes and their pros and cons, and hopefully someone can take note of these and make the theme described above.

Rogers/RIM List Theme


- very easy navigation (don't have to move the trackwheel around too often compared to the small icon/Vodafone theme)
- slick fonts and style


- big fscking fonts, if you are trying to put a background pic, essentially only 1/3 of the left side of the image is viewable
- fonts are nice, but too big
- status screen portion (time, signal, etc) is too big for all the space it really needs (small icon theme gets this right)
- if you do the NMLL thing, the dBm indicator looks somewhat out of place in that theme
- send/receive arrows are bigger than xBox (eek!)
- ALT-Esc is nasty (text only, wtf?!?)

Small Icons Theme


- easy to see a background image (if set)
- status screen portion is just right (and if you do the NMLL trick, the signal number actually matches the theme, not like the Rogers/RIM one)
- easy icons for functions (if you like icons)
- send/receive arrows are nice and small
- ALT-Esc is dead sexy in this theme


- if you have a background image set, the top half will be snowed in (read: white tint added; sorry I couldn't come up with a more descriptive thingie, I need sleep)
- calculator doesn't work in this theme (yet) (image_highlight issue)
- too much running around with the trackwheel if you have even a decent amount of apps installed
- when you receive a call on this, the icons for answer/ignore do not show up properly (they do in the Rogers/RIM theme)
- default font size and style is way out of place (I prefer BBMillibank 8 Bold, 10 Plain just looks huge and not befitting of this device)
- you can't change the font color at the bottom of the main screen, which...
- if you have a dark bottomed background image, it will be hard to read the label of the icon (unless you are a true BB master and memorized what each icon is for)


I won't even go here; this theme is just terrible and should be removed from every 7100.



- semi-Aqua (Mac OS X) look kinda works
- fonts are just about right (they aren't huge like the Rogers/RIM theme)
- nice notification menu (eg. prompt to close the browser)
- color scheme is pretty nice (in terms of highlight color, BBMillibank 8 Plain)
- combine this theme with the water drop picture pre-installed for a pretty funky combination


- can not move applications via ALT-Wheel (pain for me)
- NMLL dBm indicator comes up in blue. Guess what color the background is? (read: hard to read dBm indicator)
- status screen area sucks up too much room
- don't try putting a non-predominantly blue background on, it just doesn't look right
- cheesy charging indicator (what is this, greased lightning, figured out a new way to make the letter z cool?)
- again, ALT-Esc is text based (arrrggghhhhh!!! )



- nice ALT-Esc interface
- status area takes up just enough space
- NMLL looks right in this theme
- good default font choice


- have to run around with the trackwheel (and thanks to the size of the icons, you have to scroll down to find them as well )
- has an 'Applications' icon, but most apps are showing right on the main page (hello, organization? At least the other themes [except that T-Mo crap] got it right!)
- honkin huge send/receive arrows
- icons are bigger than Morgan Freeman's nose (dear Lord)
- Rogers WAP browser still has that nasty 'O Live' icon

That's all I have. If you have any you want to add/argue/agree, feel free to. I hope someone comes up with the ultimate 7100 theme for us.

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