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Originally Posted by junior1790
Im not speaking of statistics that are on a website or in consumer reports. I'm speaking of experiences of reading and posting on this forum, my own experiences and that of colleagues of mine who do the same or more traveling than i do. I carry two phones all the time, i live in CT and am in NY several times a week, aside from that i hit 2 or 3 major cities a month. Not that you care about my traveling Schedule but i'm telling you what I, others from this forum have experienced. maybe my "most of us comment" was slighlty broad but i wouldn't call it inaccurate. Why is it that I'll be walking up 54th st and my GSM blackberry (cingular, fewest dropped calls, joke) dies, ends the call for no reason, then reads full signal 5 steps ahead of that. Never happens on America's MOST reliable wireless network, ever. So to fuel the fire, GSM cannot compare!!!!
Amen, Amen, Amen!

I work in midtown manhattan, used to work on wall st. I was THINKING of getting the tmob 8700g until I talked to about 10 different New Yorkers who advised me against it. I would never think about switching unless I intend to travel overseas. in fact, I believe so highly in CDMA that for my business line I bought a sprint phone.

Back to the topic on hand though, anyone excited yet im a little nervous seeing as how im about to drop 500, so this device better be the stable piece of iron I hope it is..
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