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I have a 7130e & I have no trouble at all with suretype though I must admit that if I was doing alot of typing, I would much prefer the full QUERTY board. I really think it is a compromise: the 7130e is a better phone & the 8700 is better for inputing data. The only thing that keeps me coming back to the full board is that let's face it, for casual surfing, the 8700 wins hands down! I also have to accept the fact that even though I have only had this 7130e for the last 4 months, the poison pill is the 4 to 500 dollar outlay for a new 8700. I wish that vzw (I'm sure the other carriers are the same way) would just tack on an additional 2 years to my contract & sell (hose me on) the unit as it ain't worth anywere near the tarriff that they get you for on a new unit midway through your contract! Of coasre once I get the 8703e in my hand, Ill probably just dig myself a hole & get one! Dam'n , this love hate relationship with vzw: a wonderful network or backbone & not so wonderful wait for them to get their you know what together & get an 8700 onto the market in a reasonable time frame.