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It's a bit carrier dependent this one. On Vodafone devices are provisioned for Enterprise and/or Prosumer on the relay as with Vodafone the BlackBerry service itself is a single APN. On O2 for example, there is one provisioning system for the device, but the service is split by tariff (APN). If you have an Enterprise tariff connected to an O2 line, you automatically also get BIS. This really hacks me off becuase as a service provider it means you can't do anything but sell in two services for the price of one, not to mention the security implications which started this whole thread off in the first place. I have a few users who I don't want to give BlackBerry to so they can check their Hotmail all day long, but although you can stop them sending out via BES policy, there's nothing you can do to stop them receiving short of calling the network to ensure there is no Prosumer service on the line (in the case of Vodafone). That said, what's to then stop the user calling the network or provider to get it switched back!!!!