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Originally Posted by earth
I'm mainly going to be discussing issues on it's interaction with our existing BES servers and policy mumbo-jumbo so if any techies have any issues let me know.
Well, a few things are already known. Some features enabled on the handheld are not functional with anything less than BES 4.1 SP2 (which was released on Tuesday, as well). Policy options to disable the camera, if you so wish, were not included until BES 4.1 SP2 (I think they are, atleast). Sending attachments through BES - not supported until BES 4.1 SP2. You catch the drift. If your current infrastructure has not been upgraded to BES 4.1 SP2, which I'm sure it hasn't if it's a production environment, then you may have some headaches. Also, the fact that SP2, with all of its support for Pearl, and more specifically OS 4.2, not being released until the day of the public release of OS 4.2 (Pearl) really baffles me. Lastly, if you haven't read the release notes of BES 4.1 SP2, they have a section under Fixed Issues that says the issues have been fixed but not confirmed (whaaaa?!), so I'm guessing they were quite behind schedule (SP1 was about 2 months overdue) and rushed this one to street... just my assumption.

Originally Posted by earth
My big concerns going in are going to be security issues relating to the Flash memory in the device, as well as the camera option on the phone.
As mentioned, the camera has a policy option to disable it; I'm sure the flash memory does as well (although I haven't installed or looked at it personally). They'll set your mind at ease about the flash memory, I'm sure.

Best of luck, and I hope this helps a bit with some of your firepower and personal knowledge bank!
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