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Originally Posted by whistler222
Ok.. got my 7130g like last week and last night i knocked it off my counter and into the toilet.

took it out, dried it with a dryer.. turned it on, it was buzzing wildly. ;(

waited an hour, turned it on.. now the screen looks like it's really light.. no contrast. and things not working.. panicing!!

waited another hour, turned it on.. now nothing works, but screen appears normal.

the whole time there's a layer of condensation on the inside screen.

waited another hour, now everything works except there's a permanent "shift" function. can't use the enter or click wheel. :(

finally after 5 hours, turned it on, got it to work.. made a phone call..
and now everythinsg normal.

Anyone else drop their bb in water? the thing is so damn slippery!! how do u avoid dropping it? I never drop my cell phones.. ever.

also, should i take it in to have it looked at regardless? or should it be fine now?
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