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Originally Posted by leishirsute
This is an issue of providing an option to display network time rather than timezone time - poor programming.
New member with 7 posts and 7 posts have to do with poor programming or deficiences with BB's on time functions.

I have been a member here for 5+ months and a BB user for years. I have not seen any time display concerns with BB's as I have seen posted today.

My 7100i has the option to change the "Date/Time Source" & the options are "Off, Blackberry or Network". So the option is there, it is up to the carrier to support/provide from there. If you have this option set to "Network" and your time doesnt change, blame your carrier and not the programmers. In the "Date/Time" option, it shows you the BB Display Time and the Network Time/Date being supplied from the network. It also has the option to update the time.

I feel the BB address's time zones just fine, it may be different than cell phones but PDA's have more to deal with in programmng than just the display of time.

Not only does the BB offer the time source setting, you can change the time zone as you travel and appointments have the option to change the time zone of that appointment.

There are also plenty of 3rd party time programs available for the BB for viewing mulitiple time zones.
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