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Originally Posted by mrogers
OK I have spent the better part of the day trying to understand how all this internet access stuff on BBs work, but I'm still a little lost. Let me just spell out my situation for you and maybe someone could be kind enough to spell out an answer for me

I currently am on a standard ATT voice plan with some limited data usage per month (I forget the exact MB, but it's like a $7 option, and I don't use it much because i hate browsing on tiny phone screens). I want to get a BB 7290 and the unlimited BB plan, which I understand is $45 a month on top of my voice plan. Now here's the real question: when I configure my new BB to use the TCP/IP settings in this thread so all my apps can access the Internet without a BES, does that usage go through my unlimited BB plan, or do I have to have an additional standard data plan? If the latter, that really is not cool...for $45/month, I should have unlimited access to the whole Internet. Someone please clarify this for me.
Can someone PLEASE clarify this for me? If I set up all this TCP/IP stuff, is the data usage going to get charged to my GPRS plan (or pay-per-use GPRS), or is that data usage charged to my unlimited Blackberry plan?
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