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Originally Posted by patrickh
Features request:

May be a better time selection field and larger display of the count down.
Done (I hope). I've enlarged the countdown display and given it a slightly different font, so it's much more visible. As for the time selection field, what I've done with my latest version (not yet uploaded, see below) is to have the cursor automatically jump to the end of the minutes section of the time field when you start the app. Like this: 25|00
This should be more convenient than starting at the very front or end of the field (like |2500 which it currently does, or 2500| which is the next best option). I've decided to stay with my original idea of not using separate fields for hours/minutes/seconds, for the reasons I've already explained.

Also, ability to set alerts before the timer expires.. like if it is a 15min count down, I would like to set multiple alerts at 10, 5, 1 minutes, etc. This would be helpful for chairing time-limited talks, etc.
I've done a version of this as well, but before I upload it I wanted to get a general opinion on what would be more useful: a) repeating sub-alerts, e.g. every 5 minutes or 2 minutes or whatever until the total countdown is done and the final alert sounds; or b) a non-repeating x-minute warning, e.g. a single 5-minute or 2-minute warning before the countdown is done.

Actually, I could probably do this as a user-selectable option, now that I think about it. So you could chose either a non-repeating x-minute warning or a repeating x-minute alert until the final alert sounds, or none.

Let me know what you guys think. I may just go with this last idea, since it will be fairly easy to extend what I've already started.

I'll wait a day or so for some more input before uploading the new version, but if no one responds I'll go with my last idea.

Thanks for the input so far!
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