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Originally Posted by finch
Wonderful, if the keypad wasn't bad enough on the 8700 RIM by the looks of it just moved into the cramped Treo world...
From a pure design standpooint, I think it looks incredible. Nice clean lines, symmetry from keyboard to phone buttons to screen. That's purely from an artistic perspective, however. From a user's perspective, its market is exactly what you say it is ... Treo-users. Neither keyboard is made with adult hands in mind! With the number of emails I have to write or respond to on the blackberry which demand a couple of semi-brief paragraphs, there's no way in hell that business users will go for it. The 'texters' likely will, as will students, so in my estimation Blackberry is simply broadening its marketbase which is a wise business move Let's face it ... they have us already, so where to go from that base is what they're now exploring with this as well as the Pearl.

Just my $.02