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Originally Posted by gziz
i dont see why people think BG is some sort of god, so he knows people at RIM or the carriers that are sharing this info with him, so what its not like hes doing something special he just happens to be lucky and knows the people who has access RIM's internal docs. the real people to thank are the people who are giving BG the info, BG is just the middle man. mean BG isn't a god...oh, well, I guess I'll have to throw away my BG Buddha

Seriously, though...BG deserves great credit for giving us this info. He does us a great service in doing so. Also, to be that well connected is pretty neat as well.

Of course, those who supply him the info are important pieces in the chain, as are the people who design the phones, who build the phones, etc...heck, you may as well go all the way back to the Co-CEO's of RIM while you're at it.

Bottom line: great props to BG...please continue to keep us all informed and ignore the naysayers.