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First off the images look very nice. The Vodafone device is in my opinion the most ugly of the three, but it's also the only one with space between the keys which will no doubt make it the easiest to use.

I think RIM are completely missing a whole market sector on qwerty devices though. They keep making high tier devices like the 8700 and then replacing them with the 8800 which results in price erosion on the 8700. What a stupid way of going about things! While they need something for the upper end of the market, they're forgetting the lower end of the market. If they bought out a basic full qwerty like the 7230 used to be you'd find a lot more companies equipping employees with devices that previously would not have been considered due to cost. I know BlackBerry devices are not particularly expensive, but while they're concentrating so hard on the top of the market, I fear they are forgetting those near the bottom. Take for example couriers that use them and on the road engineers - I bet most of them are still using 7290's - companies won't be equipping them with expensive 8700's or the 8800, so what's that about???

As a side line (as I get annoyed with the insane amount of assumption that surrounds leaks), this talk of BES 5.0 is a load of crap - we won't be seeing it until very late next year!