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Originally Posted by cooperpwc
The interesting thing is that the folks at RexWireless have found a way to tap into the Blackberry tunes and alerts system. ToDoMatrix adds itself as setting that can be fully adjusted in each profile. I'm not suggesting that you would want to go that far for your Timer app (which I'm about to test) but I thought that it would interest you to know.
There are a couple of problems with this.
1) Implementing the feature you describe requires code signing keys issued by RIM (and paid for by the developer). Since I'm releasing this free, I can't afford to pay for the keys. I guess if I was going to charge $59 for an app like ToDoMatrix, then maybe I would consider it as an option.
2) Even if I paid for the keys, this type of alert can only be set by the user outside the app by editing the device profiles. There is no way to select and play a device ringtone/tune directly within an app.

Basically, the app itself cannot access the tunes on the device at all. For some reason, RIM just doesn't allow this. The way the above method works is the app issues a "play notification alert" command and whatever alert tune has been assigned in the user profile will play. And to do this requires the developer paying for code signing keys to get access to the necessary commands to create and access settings in the profiles.

To me, this whole thing is idiotic. Let's say I wrote a countdown timer for Windows. Can you imagine having to open the Windows Control Panel and edit the system Sound Properties to assign a particular tune for the timer to play, instead of simply being able to assign it in the application itself? And on top of this, Microsoft charging the developer a fee for the privilege of using such a wonderful setup? That's just crazy!
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