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Originally Posted by Inphektion
Well i had on quiet profile but just changed to normal and didn't hear anything.
version is
It works perfectly in the 8100 Simulator (the Simulator even "shakes" when it vibrates). In the simulator, on the device itself, I went to Options->About and it says "v4.2.0.42 (Platform)" so I don't know what to tell you about why yours isn't working.

If someone else who has an 8100 could confirm that the tone and vibrate either work or don't work, I really would appreciate it. This is bugging the heck out of me right now, because everything on my end says it should work on the 8100.

I have a stopwatch program that I load via alx and it works but it would be nice IMO to just have one program be able to count up or down for me.
You could just have a radio button that has Timer Mode and one that says Stopwatch mode. When it stopwatch mode T-Minus could say t-plus or time and Start timer button could just say start no matter what mode you are in.

If I implement a "count up" option, it would either: A) stop when it reaches the time entered in the time entry field, in which case alerts would still work; or B) only stop when you click the Pause/Stop button, as a regular stopwatch does, in which case it could continue indefinitely and alerts would make no sense in that context, and neither would the main time entry field.

Option A is certainly doable, but not very useful for a general-purpose stopwatch. Still, if all you want to do is time something, and you know in advance that it's not going to take longer than X amount of time, you could enter that maximum value of X in the time entry field and then the "count up" option would function as a simple elapsed-time indicator. However, the timer would still stop on its own when it reaches that maximum value of X in the time entry field (and play alerts if they were enabled). This option is fairly easy to implement.

On the other hand, option B begins to add a level of complexity to the app that I was trying to avoid, even though it may not appear that much different on the surface than option A.
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