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Originally Posted by Inphektion
ahh. I finally get it.
I had startT at 200 and then alert at 100 or 30.
with startT at 230 and then alert at 2 and second alert at 1 it works. There is no description in the fields that format for time changes between start T and the alerts. Can you make alerts same format as startT so I can have an alert at 30 seconds? Or if you don't want to make any major changes can you label that the alert needs to be in minutes not seconds like startT?

If i put in 6000 to get one hour, hit pause, reset and start the startT time changes to 10000 and then counts down correctly starting with 5959. Weird. What is the max time supported? is 5959 the max?
If I put in 9000 to do an hour and a half it starts counting down from 13000...

clearly i'm all confused with the time entry here but I think others would be too then.
Okay, maybe I should explain it better in the docs. Basically, the time value you input into the main time entry field ("Start T") is corrected for you if it doesn't match the format a clock would use (HHMMSS). That's why when you input 6000 for 1 hour, it converts it to 10000 at the start of the count down. A clock would never display 1 hour as 60 minutes, it would display it as 1:00:00. After 1 second has elapsed, the current time would be 59 minutes 59 seconds remaining, which is what you saw happen. I guess I thought this would be fairly intuitive, maybe I was wrong.

And yes, if you input 9000 it would be converted to 1 hour 30 minutes, because a clock wouldn't display 1 hour 30 minutes as 90. My microwave does this too when I enter 90 seconds (converts the display to 1 minute 30 seconds) so I didn't think it would be that confusing.

I guess adding to the confusion is the fact that the secondary alerts don't use seconds (entering 10 here is read as 10 minutes, not 10 seconds). Both of these decisions were made with the idea of entering values quickly. I figured that no one would want an alert to repeat every 2 seconds.

FAIR WARNING! If this continues to be a problem for people, I will change the secondary alert format to include seconds, although this may cause problems for people who are used to the current format.

The maximum time is 9999 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds (1 second shy of 10,000 hours; well over 1 year). Now that you mention it, I don't really check against this maximum value since I figured no one would actually try to input a time that large, but I probably should. If you tried to input 9999 hours, 99 minutes, 99 seconds, it would cause an overflow since it's more than 10,000 hours. I see a version 0.5.2 around the corner to catch this...
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