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Default Using your 8100 Pearl for UNLIMITED Web Access

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An overlooked feature your 8100 Pearl has is hooking it up to your notebook and using the 8100 as a modem. Once connected you can use the notebook for Internet access at the Library, Starbucks or on the road. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!

I think part of the problem is that many new Members or people new to the technology think it is difficult to set up the Pearl to act as a modem. It's quite easy and I suggest you try it.

I have rewritten some instructions on the "How To" and posted here. Hopefully you will find my rewrite easy to follow. NOTE: if you goof this up it's difficult to screw up your computer.

Bonus Tip: I also set this up on my desktop computer. Why? I plan to use it as a backup should my broadband coverage stop for some reason. While I won't be getting broadband speeds with the Pearl, 100k+ is fine for emergency use. Besides, I still remember the dial-up days of 40k connections.

By the way, under T-Mobile's UNLIMITED data plan [$20 monthly] you can connect to the Net with your phone and use it all you want without extra charge.

Hopefully this is the way of the future rather than T-Mo yanking the unlimited use feature.

Oh, I also read elsewhere that T-mo says connecting through the BlackBerry is just as fast as the network card they sell [for Net access]. Interesting.


OK, ON WITH THE "HOW TO" - below this line


1. If you do NOT have the latest DeskTop Manager, first go to BlackBerry Upgrade and choose "get software".

2. Enter your cell number and download the latest Desktop Manager Version on to your computer. Do NOT install yet.

3. Before installing the Desktop Manager software just downloaded, completely delete your old version of Desktop Manager.

4. Reboot, then install the new version of DeskTop Manager you downloaded.

Now for setting up your BlackBerry to work with your notebook or desktop with an UNLIMITED use Internet connection [through your T-Mobile account]. Speed about 115k!!

First, let's simply check and note what com ports your BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed and is using on the computer.

On your COMPUTER using XP - Go to


<Control Panel>



<Device Manager>

Scroll down to <Ports>

On having installed DeskTop Manager, there should be 2 ports listed that say "RIM".

Simply write down which com ports are listed as being used by "RIM". Most likely (COM4) and (COM5).

Now close all these windows, you just wanted to see what com ports RIM was using.


Now on the PC, let's set up the "phone number" or settings for your desktop or notebook computer to "dial" your BlackBerry Pearl.

With your DESKTOP or NOTEBOOK computer, open Desktop Manager.

Connect your Blackberry with your USB cable.

[If the phone does NOT connect automatically, on the Desktop Manager interface click <options>, then <connection settings>, then click <detect>. This should find your BlackBerry and connect the phone to the PC].

Now with the phone and PC connected [as indicated by the Desktop Manager saying at the bottom of the DM window that they are "connected"]:

ON YOUR COMPUTER [not the Pearl] Go to:

<Start> Menu

Select <Control Panel>

Select <Network Connections>

Select <File> from the drop down menu

Select <Create a New Connection>

Select <Network Connection Wizard>

Select <Connect to the Internet>

Select <Set Up My Connection Manually>

Select <Connect Using a Dial Up Modem>

Under "Select A Device" select or check the box that is the RIM COM Port you noted from before, usually COM4 or COM5.

NOTE: Uncheck or "deselect" the other modem if that box is also checked [typically it's the phone dial up modem built in to your PC].

Click <Next>

In ISP name box name this new connection/setting anything you want, e.g., BlackBerry.

Click <Next>

In the Telephone Number box, type the below combination of numbers and characters [aka a "string"]:


So you will type in an asterisk, 99, and number symbol.

Click <Next>

Leave the User Name and Password boxes blank. Check the "use this account name and password." Check to "make this new connection your default connection" if you intend for it to be such. [most likely not].

Click <Next>

Select "Add Shortcut to Desktop" so you have the connection easy to access from the desktop of your computer.

Click <Finish>

Almost done. Now you have to set up the modem, it's just one entry, BUT EASY TO SCREW UP, so be careful entering the number or string which is simply a combination of letters, characters, numbers and spaces..

On your desktop or notebook computer go to:

<Start> Menu

Select <Control Panel>

Click <Phones And Modems>

Click the <Modems> tab.

Select or highlight the COM Port/Modem you set up the BlackBerry with, typically COM4 or COM5. Note: may be listed as "Standard Modem"

Click <Properties>

Click the <Advanced> tab.

In the <Extra Initialization Commands:> box type this exact string [or combination of letters, characters, numbers, and NO spaces]:


Make sure you put the two commas, both quotation marks. Note: there are NO SPACES between the characters.

Click <OK> to save and back out of the settings menus and get back to your desktop.

If the above string does NOT work, try this one: +cgdcont=1,"IP",""

Note that there is an "IP" in there.

You should be able to click on your new Blackberry network connection shortcut on the desktop and connect to the Net.

NOTE: To use this modem connection:

The Pearl must be connected to your PC via the USB cable;


And Desktop Manager must indicate or say that the Pearl is "connected" to the PC.

The most common error made when trying to connect and it does not work is that people have failed to have Desktop Manager open and the phone connected through it.

Bonus Tip: Again.... if the above string doesn't work then try this one:


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