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Default Re: should i use redirector or web client???

(1)/(2)/(3)/(4) To solve your problem, I recommend BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). See my Hosted BES FAQ at my and you will see how to get BES relatively inexpensively at $10 to $25 per month. This gives you wireless synchronization:

- Wireless synchronization of incoming emails
- Wireless synchronization of sent/deleted emails
- Wireless synchronization of unread/read status
- Wireless synchronization of Calendar
- Wireless synchronization of Addressbook (BES4 + OS4)
- Wireless synchronization of Tasks (BES4 + OS4)
- Massive amount of storage for attachments
- True push email, slightly faster than BWC
- More reliable than BWC (less likely to overload itself)
- No need to leave your work computers turned on at all times.
- Ability to kill your BlackBerries remotely if your BlackBerry is stolen, your private info is safe!
- MDS is faster than the BlackBerry TCP/IP stack
- Spam filtering is easier to do

At only $10 to $25 per month for BES Hosting, it's well worth it! If you can afford it, get a Small Business Edition BES; it will pay for itself after about a year. (Mailstreet hosting times 4 employees times a year, can pretty much equal the cost of a Small Business Edition BES) BES is expensive but for your type of business, it sounds like it should be very worthwhile because of your specific needs.

(5) You can use BWC simultaneously with the BES method, so you can use GMAIL/Yahoo POP or forwarding, independently of the BES method for your main work emails. Or you can even forward your GMAIL to your BES email address.

Originally Posted by ddilmanian
You seem very knowledgable about blackberrys, so i thought i would ask you about my problems.
i am purchasing several blackberrys for people in our office including myself and i can't decide if we should all use redirector or webclient.
none of us really travel too much, we spend 75% of our time in the office at our computers.
i find that using web client you get all your messages duplicated to the blackberry so if you've read and/or deleted 100+ e-mails during the day, when you go home that night you will have the same 100+ e-mails in your blackberry as unread that you have to go through and figure out where you left off.
1) am i doing something wrong? or is this how it works?
i like the idea of the redirector that it reconciles your e-mails so if you check it on the computer or on the blackberry they reconcile each other.
but the benefit of the web client is that you can open attachments easily...
2) is there an easy way to open attachments using redirector, without having to forward the message to a third party and having it sent back to you in an e-mail?
i also noticed the web client has a 10mb capacity, i believe this capacity is only on the web client and not on the blackberry so if you set up the web client to automatically delete your messages every 1 day then you shouldn't have a problem,
3) but does this mean you can not receive messages over 10mb to your blackberry? does redirector have a capacity?
my other concern is when i reply to messages or forward messages from my blackberry....
4) will they show up in my SENT box on my computer at work if i use web client? how about redirector?
and also, how do you suggest i handle my yahoo and g-mail accounts that i check less often that my work e-mail.
5) should i forward them to webclient using POP? will they still show up on yahoo and g-mail if i do that?
thank you very much for your time, i appreciate any help you can give me, i hope i didn't overwhelm you.
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