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I'm new to the world of blackberrys and I'm trying to decide which one of these to get as well.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to use AT&T Wireless. T-Mobile & Cingular have lousy service where I live (I can't even get a signal at all in my office). Verizon is the best, but I keep reading the posts that say the 7750 is a really bad device and CDMA is bad for blackberrys. Nextel service is ok here, but I think the Nextel blackberry is too large with it's external antenna and the speaker phone makes it a thicker device. Plus, PTT is useless for me since I don't have any friends or colleages who use Nextel.

I like the look of the 7780 better because it is black -- I think the blue is a bit tacky. But I like the size of the 7280 better. I don't think the difference in screen size really matters since they both have the same 240 pixel width. So after reading a few other posts, it looks like I should wait for the 7290. From what I read, it is black, but the same size as the 7280, except with more memory and bluetooth. Is this correct? Any word on which carrier will offer this device? Also, which version of the operating system will it come with? Will it have 4.0?