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Default I was just about to post....

Originally Posted by dzervit
I have a quick ? on #5. So the BlackBerry Redirector ONLY works with Exchange? Groupwise & Notes users are forced to use BWC or poney up the fat cash for BES?
a warning about this. AFAIK, the Redirector does NOT work with Lotus Notes. I've tried to install it, no go. However, there is a "replacement" for the Redirector available (see #3 below)

There are alternatives if you are a Notes user:

1. You can try creating an Agent or Rule to forward your Notes e-mail. With Version 5 this doesn't seem to work so well as the form in which Notes forwards the e-mails is really not suited to replying (at least in my case it wasn't); with Notes 6 I can't seem to get the forwarding to work. But if you CAN do this it results in essentially true push e-mail (your PC has to be on all the time, of course);

2. If your organization uses iNotes then BWC can pull your messages from the web and you don't need to run a computer 24/7. This is how I do it and while it's not true push it functions well enough. You get this option by setting up your e-mail from the BWC;

3. If you set up your e-mail from the BWC and choose the option OTHER than iNotes then BWC will download a small app to a PC you keep on 24/7 which will act as a redirector, essentially. If you need true PUSH but can't get Notes forwarding to work this is the best option.

Hope the above helps a bit.