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Originally Posted by MythmbHurts
Well I got home clicked on Voda's OS to see if they added the 8100 yet and to my luck they did but when i looked what OS it was its the same as rogers has released what a bummer! do you think anything would be different on it or is it the exact same as rogers release?
Probably the same. But can't you wipe the phone and install T-Mo's OS if that is what you want?

By the way, the disk that is included in the box may install the USB driver to communicate between the Pearl and the PC.

There was someone else who could not get his work PC to recognize or connect to his Pearl through DeskTop Manager. But he could get it connected on his home PC.

Turns out the problem was that at work he had installed DM that he had downloaded from T-Mo's site. He uninstalled the online version of DM and DM that came with the Pearl [CD that was in the box]. The Pearl fired right up.

So I speculated that maybe the CD has some sort of USB driver that gets installed, as opposed to the online Desktop Manager which may not have the driver because the DM online can be used by other Blackberries. Was just a thought. May have been something else.

That said, I copied the contents of the CD into a folder and that folder I put on my MicroSD chip that is on the Pearl. So that may work to install the files as if it was being done from the RIM CD.

If you want the files let me know and I can post a link to my Website server for download.

P.s. The reason I wanted DM install files on my Pearl is so that I can go to anyone's PC, install DM and then hookup the Pearl to use as a modem. So in a sense I have desktop Net access anywhere I go.

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