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Originally Posted by icepulse
The "noob" is the one who blindly followed the herd, then screwed up the process. That's you.

The guys who successfully pulled it of are the pioneers. I did it without a scratch on the phone.

I would be embarrassed to author a post like yours.
you may not have a scratch on your 8100... but it sure as hell isn't shiny underneath like the rest of the phone....

Yes i say noob.... instead of telling the truth and saying that the phone is dull after you wipe away the logo, noobs say it is the greatest thing to do.. If they would have said the shine was gone with the logo, I for one would not have done it.

I am glad you would be embarrased with my post. People like you are the reason why i stopped themeing for the blackberry in the first place.


Back to the cover... anyone else have this issue?