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Originally Posted by JMMARICH
Man, crackberry is right. I practically have the shakes.

I had a Razr last year and launched my boat while in the water with it in my pocket. Saltwater does a number.

I bought a 7100 off Ebay and it was broken. After a huge hassle, returned it and found another used one. It worked great and I was hooked.

I managed to drop the 7100 from about 8 feet while doing about 40 on my boat (once again boat related) and lost the battery cover and almost lost the phone. It has been glitchy ever since. I would answer calls and noone could hear me..or ring one time and hang up. I took the leap and ordered the 8100 from T-Mobile and I can hardly wait.

My wife thinks I am crazy for all the cellphones I go through, but I guess I am a tech geek.

So..wish me luck when my pearl gets here...and thanks for a great site!

I have a few 7100t's. It is built like a tank compared to the Pearl.

You better be careful with your new Pearl. It's not going to hold up in 8' drops or gale force winds on the boat, at least not like your Hair Club For Men's hairpiece does.

Have you entered the tracking number on UPS's site to see that the Pearl is set for delivery today?