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Originally Posted by HaTaX

Have been having the EXACT same issues. I'm in the twin cities, MN area. Also check out this thread I started about some of the weaknesses of the CDMA system.

I am actually switching back to my trusty and true Nextel 7520 tomorrow as I have had enough of it and can no longer stand using the device as heavily as I do each day.

Link -
HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Is CDMA really this bad with call handling?
Thanks HaTaX - thought I was going nuts. ;)

Actually, I came from the 7520 as well. Tried Sprint first but had quite possibly the worst experience possible (no service, hobble customer service, etc etc) and switched to Vzw. Service is fantastic now.. but for $200/mo it had better be.

Read your post on Howard Forums - I loved the 7520, kept buying them on eBay & breaking them (through overuse). I had a couple issues with Nextel though - after 5 years they wanted me to sign a 2 year agreement to change plans (from incoming 400 to incoming 800 or something) - what I was paying for *my* plan was actually the same price as the new plan since Sprint merger so I didn't really appreciate that. Eventually, through many many phone calls, I was able to get them to a 1 year term. Too much hassle, I had enough. Also you cannot tether the 7520 as Nextel doesn't have the network to support it anyway.

One more thing - I was using over 6000 minutes a month with Nextel (400 out/400 bonus + free incoming/IN network/nights) and because my plan was short I would run over constantly. I was able (every single month I went over) to negotiate every single overage off the account - I never paid more than the monthly and they can go back 2-3 months. 3rd week with Verizon. I am on the phone constantly for work. I got the 4000 plan & you know what, 3 weeks I'm under 300 minutes peak. I haven't looked into how Vzw charges (1 minute for connect and ?/second increments) but I would bet good money the increments are smaller & their billing system is more accurate.

Tethering via vzw is phenomenal. It's fast, I connect every time. I tried an 'aircard' from Sprint as well as the 8703e and had mixed results with both when connecting. Vzw connects every time on first click & connects to our vpn without a hitch without fail.

I've never been a fan of Verizon but aside from what I loved about my 7520 the simple fact that this phone is on the Verizon network makes it a much (*MUCH*) more powerful tool than the 7520 could ever be.

Oh - and don't you love dealing with SMS on the 7520? I never knew who sent me messages & couldn't reply anyway.

The lack of swap/drop & connect/ignore is really frustrating but you know my girlfriend switched from Nextel at the same time & I think it may have more to do with us & how well Nextel's network handled it vs. Vzw/Sprint? Maybe I need to be trained to handle call waiting? Good god... At least that is my only complaint.